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Launch of VDL AGV in mixed traffic at Transport Logistic Munich
Left to right:
Frans van Dommelen, Managing Director VDL Containersystemen
Henk Kamp, Minister of Economic Affairs from The Netherlands
Karel Smits, Manager VDL Automated Vehicles

Launch of VDL AGV in mixed traffic at Transport Logistic Munich

12 May 2017

At the Transport Logistic Munich 2017, BASF launched their new patented logistic concept in cooperation with VDL Automated Vehicles. This AGV is the world's first to participate in mixed traffic.

Driverless driving in manned environment

This fully automatic vehicle is a further evolution of the existing VDL AGV, which transports containers in various port and container terminals. Using the integration of computers, cameras, sensors and scanners, the 16-axis 16.5-meter vehicle is the first vehicle in the world that is capable of operating safely between other traffic.

The BASF AGV has been developed as part of a storage and transport concept of BASF aimed at a significant reduction in logistics costs. The volume of transport at Ludwigshafen is about 20 million tonnes per year. A large part of the costs are the result of the transport routes on this site. With this unique concept, the transport time of tank containers at the BASF site in Ludwigshafen will be reduced from 22 to 1 hour!

Transport Logistic Munich

Minister Henk Kamp of Economic Affairs also visited the Transport Logistics trade fair in Munich. In the context of sustainable transport, the Minister was informed about the automated guided vehicles of VDL and BASF.