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Launch of new VDL company website
Full responsive company website

Launch of new VDL company website

14 November 2017

Today VDL Groep launched their new company website. After succesful introduction of refurbished 'Working at VDL' website, improvements to the company site followed. VDL head office is first to launch, however all 94 VDL companies will follow to introduce their own in 2017 and 2018. URLs will remain identical to current ones.

Sequel on previous project

In March 2017 VDL Groep already refurbished its recruitment website with an entirely new layout. Due to the success of this project, VDL has been working on a similar layout for head office and other subsidiairies eversince.

Company searcher 

One of the new features of the website is the company searcher. This module has several search filters. This allows website visitors to search more specifically for specific technologies or markets. In this way, we try to facilitate our customers, employees and other visitors, finding the right VDL subsidiaries and sales offices worldwide.

Look & feel

The new website has a new look and it is also equipped with the latest techniques. An example of this is that the website is responsive, which means that it is better accessible through smartphones and tablets. In addition, the website is technically better configured, which makes the new website is easier to find.

VDL chose Finetic to be partner for this web development project. Important for VDL was to maintain online reachability, therefore all URLs of VDL websites will remain identical to those currently in use.


Finetic, part of TSG Group, is an online web development specialist company. It offers services for: online strategy, concept & web design, web development and online marketing. The company already provided services for projects such as: GLOW and Eindhoven365. TSG Group - with its headquarters also established in Eindhoven - enables a desirable cooperation to VDL for this organisation broad project.