VDL Automated Vehicles

VDL Automated Vehicles is subsidiary of VDL Groep and leading supplier of heavy duty automated transport solutions.

VDL Groep has a strong automotive orientation and is already in automated transport solutions since 2001. VDL started to develop its first Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) in 2009. Since the beginning all AGV activities have been tutored by two independent VDL companies; VDL Containersystemen & VDL Steelweld. Both entities are located in the Netherlands supported by a worldwide network.

The subsidiary VDL Automated Vehicles was officially established in 2016. Core business is to develop, manufacture and implement automated horizontal transport solutions for heavy duty purposes. Currently automation projects have been deployed in all sorts of environment besides public roads.

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VDL Steelweld

VDL Steelweld - located in Breda, The Netherlands - is a versatile international company that has been active in production automation, special products, parking systems and engineering services since 1965. Our many years of experience, combined with our drive to satisfy every aspect of our customers' requirements, is what makes VDL Steelweld your ideal partner of choice.



VDL Steelweld website

They are establishing an innovation center in Singapore and are very ambitious here. Furthermore VDL has already successfully implemented similar projects in Europe.

Koen Cardon, CEO Katoen Natie Singapore

... not only the innovation itself, but also the context in which it will be implemented is focussed on. This is turnkey, due to the great interest of the automotive industry for the Dutch economy

Jan Peter Balkenende, Former Prime Minister of the Netherlands

We are launching this innovative leap in logistics at the site and we are a pioneer for the entire industry

Dr. Uwe Liebelt, Site Manager BASF

VDL Groep has announced the ambition to become a world player in the electrification of so-called heavy-duty mobility. VDL also aims to take up a leading position in the field of battery management systems, charging infrastructure and energy storage.

Board of Management, VDL Groep