Special cargo handling

Automated transport solutions for special cargo are similar to automated container handling solutions, but require more attention to adapt to the customer's logistic process. There are some extra challenges to cope with compared to situations in container terminals.

Mixed traffic

VDL Automated Vehicles has proven to be the first company to operate AGV's in mixed traffic! To date suppliers have always separated AGV's from other traffic. VDL has managed to reach a legislative and technical levels to drive an AGV on the industrial premises of BASF Ludwigshafen. TÜV Rheinland certified this level 3 autonomous AGV system. The chassis is supported by 32 wheels with 8 steerable axles which provide the load to be evenly spread across the surface according to SWL60. This allows the loaded vehicle (which can exceed 100 tonnes) to drive on regular roads without causing any damage.


Cost & time reduction

By the use of AGV's in the flexible concept of tank container handling BASF has managed to reduce the transport cycle from 22 to just 1 hour. This results in an increase of road transport productivity by 28% in a 50,000 employee chemical plant. Furthermore, the tank containers have a capacity up to 73,000 liters and a payload of 66 metric tons each. They are fitted inside a 20, 45 or 52 foot frame which is can be placed on an AGV rack and transported by road.