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VDL Automated Truck is reality!
Prototype VDL Automated Truck for Katoen Natie Singapore Pte. Ltd.

VDL Automated Truck is reality!

28 August 2017

As of today, Automated Trucks are reality! The very first VDL Automated Truck has successfully performed its test-drive at the VDL plant in Singapore. Later this week the vehicle will be delivered to customer Katoen Natie Singapore Pte. Ltd.

VDL Enabling Technologies Group (ETS) Singapore Pte. Ltd. managed to complete the first fully automated test-drive successful. This test was a milestone to run on schedule. Aim is to get the prototype operational mid 2018.

Forerunner of VDL E-truck

The development of the VDL Automated Truck is forerunner for the fully automated, electric truck made for public road transport. Launch of this VDL E-Truck, done by VDL Enabling Transport Solutions (ETS), is foreseen at the end of 2017.

World player in heavy-duty mobility

VDL Groep has announced the ambition to become a world player in the electrification of so-called heavy-duty mobility. Due to improving social acceptance of autonomous drivelines VDL is continously innovating in multiple projects. The cooperation between VDL Bus&Coach, VDL ETG, VDL ETG, VDL Automated Vehicles and partners will be leading in world's heavy-duty mobility.

VDL also aims to take up a leading position in the field of battery management systems, charging infrastructure and energy storage. VDL Automated Vehicles is pioneering on this terrain involving project BASF Ludwigshafen.