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Automated Trucks for Katoen Natie Singapore
Contract signing between VDL and Katoen Natie Singapore at TOC Asia
Left: Koen Cardon, CEO Katoen Natie Singapore
Right: Frans van Dommelen, Managing Director VDL Containersystemen bv

Automated Trucks for Katoen Natie Singapore

9 June 2017

VDL will be developing a prototype of an fully automated terminal truck for heavy duty operations. This prototype will be operational early 2018. Subsequently, VDL will deliver 11 additional Automated Trucks for Katoen Natie Singapore.

The VDL Automated Truck is being developed in close cooperation with Katoen Natie Singapore. This is a revolutionary and strategic step for VDL towards E-mobility in heavy duty applications. This vehicle concept is a custom-made modification on the existing terminal tractors.

The vehicles provide the perfect solution for easy routing and transport of high-end trailers, equipped with active transport systems. In future, more technical similarities will appear between terminal tractors and (automated) trucks. Therefore, development of this project will be a forerunner for the VDL E-truck.

Thanks to VDL’s 25 year experience in automated and electrical drivelines, VDL is able to offer such innovative opportunities to customers like Katoen Natie Singapore.